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Morningview Converse Judy

Morningview Converse Judy EX93

Aintree Toystory April EX90-2E

2nd lact 12,488kg at 4.37% fat and 3.19% protein

Dam- Morningside OTSD April VG87
Gdam- Morningview Gibson Judy VG85
3rd dam- Morningview Converse Judy EX93
6th gen VG or EX

Toystory April EX90-2E has 6 daughters at Aintree

Her eldest is Aintree Hayden April VG88
4th lact 11,197kg at 3.36% fat and 2.73% prot
She has a GP83 Gillespy daughter and VG86 Lauthority

She also has milking daughters by Endstory EX91-2E,

Aintree End Story April EX91-2E
4th lact 13,882kg at 4.43% fat and 3.11% protein
With a March 2018 daughter by Evolve
She has done over 12,000kg again in her 5th and is
due May 2019 to Outback

Other daughters of Toystory April include:-

Gold Crown VG86,
Gerard VG85 and Mascalese

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