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A very special RED family is emerging at Aintree
Red families don't get much better than this....

This family is like the best red wine - maturing nicely with age!

As we enter 2019 we have 2 EX and 10 VG
descendants so far in this family

aintree jotan linda
Aintree Jotan Linda Red EX93-2E

5th lact 11,433kg at 4.72% fat and 3.30% protein
VG86 daughter by Aftershock, VG86 daughter by Olympian,
2017 son by Poldark

The next generation is coming along :-
Aintree Aftershock Linda VG86 has two BG daughters a VG85 Doorman and a VG87 Revamp
Aintree Revamp Linda B is a VG87-2yrs
and has a March 2018 Kimball daughter

Grandaughter of Dyks Lite Linda Red EX95-2E

Her dam is sister to :-

Aintree Talent Linda Red

Aintree Talent Linda VG85
She has a RED daughter by Jotan (VG85), a GP83 RED daughter by Colt and a GP84 daughter by Spectrum

One of the highest scored members of the Linda family at Aintree is Aintree JA Linda Red EX91
another Jotan daughter of Talented Linda Red VG85
3rd lact 11,610kg at 3.71% fat and 3.17% prot
VG85 daughter by Spectrum who has a Powerplay daughter

They are daughters of none other than the Global Red and White
Holstein International Cow of the Year
Dyks Kite Linda Red EX92

4-01 2x 365 16,778kg 4.2% fat 3.5% prot
All American Red and White 4yrs old 2008


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