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December 2019-
Geoff Bone came to score the herd on 16th December with highlights as follows:-

39 cows scored with 4 EX, 30 VG and 5 GP
and 40 heifers with 13 VG and the remainder GP

Particular highlights included:-
Aintree Ford Nugget EX94 now 4 EX - now in her 7th lactation, with 12,691kg at 4.18% fat and 3.21% protein in her 6th, she already has a VG86 Aintree Nudge daughter and had a Glamour Boghill Victor daughter in September 2019.

Another member of our phenomenal Nugget family - Aintree Jareb Nugget is now EX90 - now in her 3rd with over 13,000kg in her 2nd, she is a 7th gen VG or EX.

Aintree Dorcy Norah is now EX91-2E, fourth gen straight EX, and 6 gens VG or EX. Unfortunately she has only had three sons so far, the latest Aintree Neil a June 2019 son by LIssue Star, now in her 4th with 12,610kg in her third at 4.28% fat and 3.21% protein.

Blacksnape Acme Rapture - wow a 15th generation EX !!
Now in her 3rd lactation and fresh on October 2019 with a daughter by Sassafras.......

Our incredible 13 VG heifers were by sires including Mardi Gras, Baxter Bill, Woodmarsh Lotto, Glamour Achieve, Topsy, Conrad and Trix from members of our Littlerock, Wendy, Nugget, Idula, Nellie, Peach, Secret and Tellar families.

We'd just like to finish this update by wishing all friends, family and customers a Very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2020 - Thank you for all your support and custom this year.



LOT 16 - Aintree Pedro
(click for full pedigree)

Sired by Catlane Chad
Born: 15/10/17
PLI +£420

One of your last chances to secure breeding from the famous Paulines - the breed doesnt get any better than this....
Dam is Blackisle Pauline 71 LP100 SP BFE95-6E


The website has undergone a well overdue update....
We continue to have bulls approaching working age all the time for sale - so give us a call to discuss your needs - we can offer outcross pedigrees, British Friesians, genomics and great depth of pedigree from international families as well as tried and tested UK cow families, that will work in modern UK farming systems

The classifier came on 25th January and we currently have the highest scored daughter of Cogent BIll in the UK - Aintree Bill Daisychain VG87-2yrs

At the same visit we had 54 animals inspected andwe secured 8 VG -2yrs including Aintree Reward Sara VG85 who completes 11 gens VG or EX and Aintree Olympian Zandra VG86-2yrs who is a 9th gen VG or EX.

We had 35 heifers scored with 8VG, 25 GP and 2 G
We had 19 cows scored with 5 EX, 13 VG and 1 GP

Click HERE to read more about our classifying highlights....


At the last classification on 31st January 2017 we had 8 VG heifers and 10 GP heifers (none lower)
Highlight was the 11th gen VG or EX Aintree Goodwhone Peach VG85
With the cows there were 3 EX and 10 VG including Aintree Windbrook Secret VG89 also 11 gens VG or EX


We are delighted to have been awarded top herd on Inspection in the North Wales Holstein Club herds competition this summer which means we went forward to the regional stages.

One to watch - Aintree Braxton Nugget VG88 2nd calver, who completed 14,647kg in her 2nd at 4.2% fat and 2.87% protein


A few new pictures have just been added to the website, including Aintree Alexander Prescilla VG87-2yrs below, click on her name like many others to see her pedigree

Aintree Alexander Prescilla

She has a January 2015 daughter by Zanzibar and her dam is an EX91-5E LP60 Aintree Igniter Prescilla


A long overdue overhaul.....

We are delighted to say the cows at Aintree are milking really well, here is just a snapshot

~ Aintree Nimbus Tellar C EX92-2E Lifetime yield 93,459kg
~ Blackisle Pauline 71 EX95-5E Lifetime Yield 92,099kg
~ 12 cows currently over 50 T milk in the herd
~ Year ending 2014, 200 cows at Aintree averaged 10,625kg at 4.31% fat and 3.1% protein with a 404 day CI

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