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aintree toystory elegance

Aintree Toystory Elegance EX91- 2E
5th lact 12,076kg
at 4.08% fat and 3.06% protein
Her dam is an EX94-2E 6* Durham and then four gens EX,
3rd dam being the EX96 Krull Broker Elegance.
Toystory Elegance was 2nd Heifer in Milk Western Show 2011

EX90 daughter by Gerard,
who gave 11,958kg in her 4th
VG87 daughter by Niagra who in turn has a VG87 Cricket daughter and VG86 daughter by Lauthority

2019 the Elegance's - we have daughters of Yamaska and Achiever born already this year from the family, the youngest scroed family member id Aintree Gold Chip Elegance VG85, and this family at Aintree already has 4EX, 9 VG and 2 GP out of only 16 Elegance family members to calve

One of the most exciting Elegance's is
Aintree Goldsun Elegance EX91-2E
4th lact 10,523kg at 4.6% fat and 3.27% protein
VG85 daughter by Niagra

 Aintree Shottle April B

Aintree Shottle April B EX93-2E
Dam:- Aintree James April VG87
Gdam:- Aintree Lucky April EX90
6th generation VG or EX
3rd lact 12,798kg 305 days 4.77% fat 3.23% protein
VG87 dam is sister to the EX91-3E Aintree Shottle April C

The April's in 2019 are Flourishing Our best at the moment include:-

1st lact 12,137kg at 3.29% fat and 2.97% protein
Dam is a VG87 Revamp

Caereinion Sam Peach 11

Caereinion Sam Peach 11 VG87
Owned with Alderbarrow Holsteins
A Mr Sam daughter from the heart of the Peach family
Dam:-Redwood Airliner Peach EX90
Gdam:- Clover-Mist Black Peach EX90
8th generation VG or EX
Her Sanchez daughter is EX91
3rd lact 13,265 305 days
and she has a EX92-2E Windbrook daughter at Aintree

Aintree Windbrook Peach EX92-2E
Completes 10 gens VG or EX
4th lact 11,209kg at 4.25% fat and 3.12% protein
Her daughter by TW Goodwhone is one of the most exciting youngsters at Aintree, an 11th gen VG or EX and VG86 now

Pinebreck Sept Daisychain Red

Pinebreck Sept Daisychain Red EX93-3E LP50
EX September Storm from Pinebreck Outside Daisychain EX94-3E
Gdam:- Pinebreck Charles Daisy Chain EX
Five generations EX or VG
Her daughter by Wisconsin Red is EX91
Aintree April Daisychain Red EX91
10,316 kg at 5.12% fat and 3.39% protein
GP83 daughter by Durable

Aintree Destry Daisychain VG86 is also a daughter of Pinebreck Sept Daisychain who gave 10,744kg at 4.78% fat in her 2nd and has daughters by a VG87 daughter by Chipper and a VG85 daughter by Cogent Raeson

In 2019 one of our herd favourites is

She calved in September 2018 at 2yrs with an Allclass heifer and has just scored VG87 2yrs at the end of January 2019
Her dam is the VG86 Spectrum Daisychain

Chaterley Cousteau Debra

Chaterley Cousteau Debra EX91-3E
EX Cousteau x EX91-2E ALH Debra by Durham
Gdam- Blackmoor M-S Daisy EX94
8th generation straight EX
5th lact 10,388kg at 4.88% fat and 3.39% protein
VG85 daughter by Bolton who in turn has a VG87 Alliance daughter and a VG85 Destry daughter.

Rockset Jackson Rachel Red (2008)

Rockset Jackson Rachel Red VG87
VG87 Weeton Jackson x Rockset Jolt Rachel 2 EX90
Gdam:- Sellcrest No Rachel Red EX94
Another straight EX pedigree
She has already bred an EX90 Red Rampage daughter

Aintree Norris Tellar

Aintree Norris Tellar B EX93-3E
5th lact 10,916kg at 4.23% fat and 2.81% prot
5th gen VG or EX
Dam is an EX Lee
Dam of a VG85-2yrs Seaver

Introducing the Roz family at Aintree .......


Aintree Sanchez Roz VG88
4th lactation 11,677kg at 3.84% fat and 2.9% protein
VG86 daughter by Aintree Adventure

In 2011 she was 2nd at Western Spring Show and
Cheshire County Show
Pedigrees don't get much more exciting than this!
Her dam is the EX95-2E Whittier-Farms Outside Roz (above)

Her dam already has 9 VG daughters, sons in AI and a great show record, including 1st 4-year-old and HM Sr. Champion at the NY Spring Show in 2007. That same year she was 1st 4-year-old at the Northeast Fall Showcase. In 2008 she was the 2nd 5-year-old at the NY Spring Show

Gdam- Whittier-Farms James Rozlyn EX93-2E
3rd dam- Whittier-Farms Leader Rosie EX91
Thats three gens of high EX cows behind this Sanchez heifer

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