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Aintree Armstead Secret EX90-2E 4th calver
By Diamond-Oak Armstead

4th lact 10,603kg at 4.42% fat and 3.1% prot

We have daughters of Armstead Secret by:-
Aintree Windbrook Secret VG89
Aintree End Story Secret EX90
Aintree Story Secret VG88
Aintree Lauthority Secret VG85
Four Gillespy full ET sisters in their first lactation all
GP84 or GP83 and GP84 or GP83 2yrs by
Goodwhone and Impression a 2016 born Doorman

From Gen I Beq Goldwyn Secret VG87 (pictured above)

Our Armstead is a 10th gen VG or EX
From the heart of the Glen Drummond Shower family
Goldwyn Secret was top seller at the 2004 Gen-I-Beq sale at 160,000$ when she was bought by Crackholm and Rocky Mountain.
A 1st choice sister to Aintree Armstead Secret born August 2007 by Bolton sold for 45,000gns.

Her Armstead sister sold at the 2010 Holland Masters Sale
Goldwyn Secret is a Red Carrier (RC) Goldwyn who is the No 2 Red Carrier genomics Cow in Canada at GLPI +2701 April 2010 (No 35 GLPI cow). Her dam also already has over 10 maternal brothers in AI, and she has sons on test as well around the world.
Gen I Beq Goldwyn Secret gave 10,061kg at 4.8% fat and 3.5% protein in 305 days.


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