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Streat Alliance Gaylass
Streat Alliance Gaylass
Dam of Galactic


Stock for sale

This is just a selection of the older bulls we have for sale at the moment:- **updated March 2017**

We also have available bulls suitable for serving heifers and younger bulls for the future, in fact something to suit everyone.

Simply give us a call to discuss your requirements.

(Clicking on the bulls name will access their full pedigrees.)

from Aintree

Sired by Gatrog Steffic
Brings in the great Wintersell Steffi's
Dam is Aintree Sanchez Roz VG88


Sired by Ladys-Manor Doorsopen
Dam is Woodmarsh Gerard Zandra 2 EX90-2E, backed by 8 gens VG or EX from Zandra family

AINTREE PERCEVAL 1/7/16 Sired by Larcrest Cancun from Aintree Loader Prescilla VG88, backed by 3 gens VG or EX
AINTREE FORTUNE 16/3/16 Sired by Val-Bisson Doorman from Aintree Ford Norah EX90 and backed by 6 gens homebred VG or EX with the four nearest dams all EX
AINTREE SLADE 8/2/16 Sired by Monument Impression
Dam is Aintree Armstead Secret EX90-2E and this bull has 10 gens VG or EX

Sired by Bricroft Gunner
Dam is Culverness Dazzle 48 BFE91 (2) and he's backed by 6 gens straight EX

AINTREE SHERIDON 9/1/16 Sired by Galactico
Dam is Aintree Snowman Shady VG85, backed by 5 gens VG or EX and with big numbers

This is just a selection and there are bulls of various pedigrees of all ages available for sale

Aintree Addison Nugget

Aintree Addison Nugget has bred the two
Wexham Cup Winners

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