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Streat Alliance Gaylass
Streat Alliance Gaylass
Dam of Galactic


Stock for sale

This is just a selection of the older bulls we have for sale at the moment:- **updated FEB 2019 - we have lots of other bulls available**

We also have available bulls suitable for serving heifers and younger bulls for the future, in fact something to suit everyone.

Simply give us a call to discuss your requirements.

(Clicking on the bulls name will access their full pedigrees.)

from Aintree




Sired by Catlane Chad
One of your last chances to secure breeding from the famous Paulines - the breed doesnt get any better than this....
Dam is Blackisle Pauline 71 LP100 SP BFE95-6E


Sorry he's just gone

Sired by Catlane Chad
Dam is Gatrog Quentin Babs BFV85
The Babs family is synonomous with great longevity and wearing cattle.


Sorry he's now sold
4/11/17 Sired by DG Hartley and from Aintree Iota Wendy LP60, SP, EX94-3E with yields to over 12,000kg at 4.66% fat and 3.09% protein.
backed by 5 gens of the true British family the Wendys, which carry nine generations of Aintree breeding.


24/01/18 Sired by Vogue Lego
His dam is the EX91-2E Aintree Snowman Shady
Bred from 5 gens VG or EX from the Pirolo Susan family
Dam already has over 50 tonnes in four completed lactations
AINTREE ZEUS 1/09/18 Sired by De-Su Hartley
Dam is the VG86 Aintree Olympian Zandra, who is one of 5 VG sisters
From the great Woodmarsh Zandras with a great 9 gens VG or EX behind him
AINTREE SALTON 05/09/18 Sired by De-Su Hartley
Another great from the Shower family.
his dam is the VG86 Goodwhone Secret, who completes 11 gens VG or EX. Now in her 2nd her 1st lact was 8080kg at 4.49% fat and 3.39% protein.
AINTREE STEFAN 25/6/18 Sired by K&l BO Darwin
Dam is the 12,193kg at 4.19% fat and 3.26% protein EX91-2E Aintree End Story Secret
Backed by an enviable 11 gens straight VG or EX from the heart of the Shower family

This is just a selection and there are bulls of various pedigrees of all ages available for sale

Aintree Addison Nugget

Aintree Addison Nugget has bred the two
Wexham Cup Winners

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